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Home Technology Survey - Welsh House Farm Community School and Resource Base

We are finalising our new Remote Learning Policy - which will see our pupils access remote learning through the BGFL 365 LAUNCH platform and using Microsoft teams for live lessons, projects, quizzes and assignments.

If the school has to move to remote learning provision due to another Lockdown or children are self Isolating for 2 weeks, children will need access to a device at home so they can complete their remote online learning tasks.

Therefore, we ask you to please complete the survey below so we can ensure those families who need the technical support receive it.

If you do not complete this survey, we will assume you have sufficient number of devices at home for your children to access remote learning.

Please be aware we have a very limited supply of laptops we can 'loan out' and that all school devices have been set up as follows:

Children can only access agreed websites for home learning.

Children can only access links to other educational websites from within agreed websites.

Children/parents/carers can only access links to other educational websites (including websites on safe internet usage) from links in school website.

Please also note that all devices are fitted with monitoring software; this is for the safeguarding of children.



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