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Physical Education - Sport Council

At Welsh House Farm we want our pupils to get the best experience from their sports and PE lessons and create a positive sporting experience which will allow all the students to grow and flourish. Our Sports Councillors are actively engaged in deciding on new initiatives to improve and develop sports provisions. Our enthusiastic team members are selected by their classmates based on their determination to support, review and build the physical education that is provided through school. Each of the children represents the school voice in all sporting decisions. The sports council consists of 10 pupils made up of child from each year group from year 3 to year 6. These councillors work with Mr Jones to create a positive sporting ethos.

Each year the council are involved in speaking to their classes and informing them of our latest projects. The council do a great job of communicating ideas and being the voice of their year group. This is a great opportunity for them to share ideas and listen to the considerations of others which they can bring back to the meetings to help make decisions alongside the teachers to maintain a positive attitude towards school sport

Each year the council reviews after school clubs and discusses what they would like to see on offer. This is influenced by discussions they have had with their own individual classes. The early meetings begin with councillors understanding what sport provision is going on around the school beyond their own class considering competitions and PE sessions.


With Mr Jones the sport council:

  • Help to organise Intra-School competitions 

  • Help to ensure our achievements are shared with the rest of the school 

  • Ensure that the school sports notice board is up to date with results

  • Being a representative for the rest of the school to put ideas and opinions forward 

  • Pupils have their own sports councillor badge to wear proudly around school

  •  They help to organise and run Sports Days


Pupils will be helped every step of the way with their role and new sports councillors will be appointed each academic year.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils of Welsh House Farm school.

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