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We are a TIAAS school.

TIAAS stands for Trauma Informed Attachment Aware School

What is a TIAAS school?

An Attachment Aware School is a place where resilience is promoted and where the most vulnerable children are able to recover from trauma.  This whole-school programme of support helps schools to progress on their journey to becoming a Trauma Informed Attachment Aware school. Through participating in this programme, our staff are equipped with new knowledge and skills, which enable them to apply trauma and attachment aware strategies in school.

How have we got here?

We have received comprehensive whole school Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware training for all staff including lunchtime supervisors, administrative staff and governors. This training covers the impact of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), becoming an attachment aware, trauma informed setting, and developing resilience. This training supports our staff in applying trauma and attachment aware strategies in school, which are based upon current and up to date theory and research. Staff have also received training on Emotion Coaching (an evidence-based universal approach towards responding to children’s emotions and developing self-regulation skills).

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What is emotion coaching?

A key element within the programme is Emotion Coaching.  This is an evidence-based whole-school approach towards responding to children’s emotions.  It is a way of interacting with children and young people and promoting positive relationships.  Emotion Coaching helps children to become more aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings, particularly when children are experiencing strong emotions.

The Trauma Informed Attachment Aware Schools (TIAAS) programme involves:

  • whole staff training and access to further training or workshops for groups of staff with different roles within school and parents/carers;

  • ongoing access to network meetings and CPD opportunities with other schools doing TIAAS, to support with implementation of these approaches over time;

  • Educational Psychologists supporting our school to embed these approaches through providing consultation and action planning with our Senior Leadership Team;

  • becoming a part of the Attachment Research Community (ARC) and using the ARC Audit tool to measure our school’s progress over time; and

  • opportunity to work towards Bronze, Silver and Gold TIAAS certification to recognise and celebrate our school’s progress on this journey.  

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