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PPA Cover Ltd have been working with Welsh House Farm Community School to provide French (Y3-Y6) for over 5 years and we are looking forward to continuing this partnership next academic year.

PA Cover Ltd.’s French provision will:

  • Ensure effective pupil progress from Year 3 to Year 6

  • Be creative, engaging and interactive for all children

  • Raise attainment and enthusiasm in French lessons

  • Improve speaking, listening, and writing skills through active role play

  • Help children develop better understand of French culture through events, trips and celebrations

  • Differentiate success criteria for pupils of varying abilities

  • Meet the aims and objectives of all the MFL National Curriculum not only for Key Stage 2, where MFL is mandatory

  • Be compliant to the New OFSTED Framework

  • Be Deep Dive compliant



All French teachers are fluent French speakers and are qualified to take language lessons within primary schools. They are excellent at conveying their creative teaching ideas to children on a whole class basis, ensuring lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all children, while maximising engagement by making lessons fun, as well as structured to meet National Curriculum standards.

PPA Cover Ltd have developed our own French curriculum, encompassing 36 progressive units, so that we can match the ability level of the children, taking into account prior learning, and produce a bespoke overview that ensures progression for the children to a level to put them in good stead for secondary school. PPA Cover Ltd can deliver French from Year 3 within schools that focus their MFL provision within Key Stage 2 to meet the mandatory National Curriculum requirements,

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