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Welsh House Farm Community School and Resource Base have worked with F2D for over three years. Our pupils enjoy every second of their time in F2D sessions and it is great to see their understanding of business enterprise develop.

“Brilliant hoodie design from our kids at Welsh House farm school today! They’ll be wearing them with pride throughout the summer!” Dan Gardiner

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F2D-ITC was established to help support children and young people in the community through workshops based on entrepreneurship, creativity and mentoring. The company consists of qualified mentors and business owners, who pass on their knowledge, experience and expertise to the next generation, with a view to assisting them to succeed and navigate life with a positive mindset.


Their team consists of 4 qualified mentors who are also the co-owners of the fashion brand, F2D Clothing. Having worked within the fashion industry for over a decade; working with likes of Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Dizzee Rascal, Ed Sheeran to name a few, and also with mega companies such as X-Factor and ASOS, they are in a unique position to offer insight and education to young people who we work with.



The Young Entrepreneur Project is a workshop run termly at schools and community centres for students between the ages of 8 to 18. The programme gives the students the opportunity to design an item of clothing to their liking, and then have the item manufactured. In between that time, the students then learn the process behind manufacturing and all other aspects of fashion and the business elements behind it. The aim is to empower the students and give them a platform to express themselves and grow in confidence, all in a creative environment. The programme concludes with the students receiving their fully custom-made item of clothing, a certificate and showcasing their finished designs to their peers and/or parents.

The program covers various areas of the curriculum including English, Art, DT, business, reading, maths and PSHE.

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Entrepreneurship: A Young Persons Guide

F2D have also produced a children’s non-fiction book, Entrepreneurship: A Young Persons Guide. They wrote the book with a view to inspiring and encouraging young people to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow….. or maybe even today! The book covers various aspects of business on a basic level, understandable to young people aged between 7 to 14. It teaches children that ownership of a business or becoming self-employed is a realistic goal to have.

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