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PE Home Learning Spring 2021

At Welsh House Farm PE and Sport is an essential part of a student’s day .We appreciate the current situation that we find ourselves is difficult, that’s why Mr Jones has created a PE plan of activities which gets parents and students moving on a daily basis. It is essential that during these tough times we maintain healthy physical and mental wellbeing. It is crucial that we stay active, so the activities in the booklets help inspire the students and challenge them with games, which the whole family can enjoy.


Even though during these challenging times we cannot be together at school, we are still one team, so we hope these activities keep your child inspired, moving and motivated.


Thank you,

Mr Jones

PE Learning Activities 2021

Home Challenges




Positive PE - Home Workouts

During this pandemic we have collaborated with Positive PE to offer Gymnastic home workouts for children of all ages. Hope your enjoy and stay active.

PE Learning Activities 2021

Kerys Harrop Birmingham City Ladies Captain

Kerys Harrop

Birmingham City Women Captain




PE & Sport at WHF


PE and sport is a fundamental part of the student curriculum at Welsh house farm, it is extremely popular and delivers a platform for the children to be “Inspired to grow and flourish”. 


An extensive, detailed curriculum allows the students to experience a wide range of sports, and develop life skills to allow them the chance to flourish in competitive situations and attain knowledge of a healthy physical lifestyle.  


The national curriculum for Physical Education, and what we ensure all students acquire from the curriculum is: 


  1. Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities  

  2. Are physically active for sustained periods of time   

  3. Engage in competitive sports and activities   

  4. Lead healthy, active live 


The learning and teaching of Physical Education at Welsh House Farm aims to develop children’s knowledge of a healthy body, and how physical activity contributes to a balanced healthy lifestyle. PE provides opportunities for students to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically through a range of team, group and individual experiences and opportunities. 


Our aim is to inspire students through sport, and we give students a range of sporting opportunities and experiences. We ensure all our students have the opportunity to represent the school in intra-school sport competitions and compete in our inter-school sports competition: The Welsh Cup. At Welsh House farm, we encourage students to participate in out-of-school sports activities, and we celebrate their achievements and success.    


We ensure all students have access to sporting experiences, including providing them with the opportunity to attend events and witness top-level athletes competing in a range of sports, as well as providing them the chance them to meet and learn from athletes who are top of their sporting field, and participate in activities run but outside agencies and professional clubs to ensure that every student has a positive experience of sport.  


Primary school experiences are pivotal to the student’s future perception of physical activity, and we believe that students leave our school equipped to enjoy sport, as well as understanding its health and social benefits. For those who relish the competitive element, they gain the skills, confidence and relevant experience to succeed at their chosen level and develop discipline in order to progress.  


In 2018/2019, Welsh House Farm was delighted to achieve the Gold award for the School Games. This fantastic achievement underlines the vision we have for PE and Sport at Welsh House Farm, and the importance placed on allowing all children to be “inspired to grow and flourish”. 

In 2019/20, Welsh House Farm was overjoyed to achieve the Virtual school award for the School Games. This was in recognition of our commitment to engaging with a virtual platform for providing School Games physical activity and challenges due to COVID-19.This fantastic achievement achieved by the student’s sport involvement at home

In 2019/20 Welsh House Farm was thrilled to receive the School Games Engagement award in recognition of our commitment to the School Games in the first two terms of the 2019/20 academic year.

PE and Sport Vison at WHFCS


Our long-term vision for PE and Sport at Welsh House Farm is to endeavour to encourage our pupil's growth, challenge them both physically and mentally, and teach values such as; determination, passion, respect, honesty, self-belief and teamwork. We aim to ensure all our students have a positive experience of sport and PE, and help to inspire and develop their talents.  Our aim is that all student leave Welsh House Farm with a lifelong affiliation to leading a healthy lifestyles, as well as having positive memories of PE, which will inspire them to grow and help them flourish in their next chapter.