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School Council

Our School Council have a powerful and important say in how things work at Welsh House Farm Community School and Resource Base.


Every child in Year 5 and Year 6 has the opportunity to become a school councillor and each year, every year group elects 1 child as their Class Councillor. The Class Councillors meet together on a regular basis as the School Council and these meetings are run by our School Therapist (Wendy Sartain).


The School Council discuss at their meetings what is working well, what is not working and what could be changed to make learning better at WHFCS. They have an annual budget and decisions about how this money is spent is down to the pupils themselves.


School Councillors end their ‘term of office’ with increased confidence and self-esteem and a wide range of new knowledge and skills for life and future work.


The School Council have written their own definition of their role.

'Our role is to speak to our class and tell them things that are happening in school. We get ideas and opinions from the classes and make sure the pupils voice is heard at Welsh House Farm School. We help to organize fund raising events and we are also part of the Rights Respecting Crew.'

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