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Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Welsh House Farm Community School and Resource Base.

At Welsh House Farm Community School and Resource Base we provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating and friendly environment in which every child has the opportunity to ‘grow and flourish!’


Our broad and balanced curriculum has been designed with our pupils needs in mind. And we are proud of all the different and exciting avenues we have created for our pupils to grow in confidence, resilience, knowledge, understanding and skill during their time at our school.


The Community aspect in the schools name is very important to us. We (parents, pupils, staff, community leaders and governors) have a growing sense of who we are as a unit and we continue to develop together.


As a school, we work hard to form solid open and honest relationships so we can meet the needs of our pupils, their families and the community as effectively as possible so we live up to our unofficial motto here...


‘Once a Welsh House Farmer – Always a Welsh House Farmer!’

Bridget Jay - Head Teacher

Bridget Jay

Head Teacher

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