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At Welsh House Farm Community School the mathematics curriculum is designed to develop the children’s inquisitive and creative minds by enabling them to investigate and interrogate mathematical concepts and procedures. Children will be encouraged to use a mastery approach through revisiting, revising and explaining their mathematical thinking which in turn, facilitates their competency in mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Mathematical fluency is further developed by the availability of online platforms such as TTRockstars. This results in children having a positive and confident attitude towards mathematics, using their skills and knowledge to become lifelong mathematicians. Mathematics is organised as an accumulative curriculum whereby staff implement the White Rose scheme to plan learning sequences which build upon or consolidate prior learning. The curriculum is organised to ensure ‘small steps’ are taken so all children have a thorough understanding of taught concepts.


For children grasping concepts easily teachers skilfully deepen their understanding through tasks and questioning. The maths curriculum develops and embeds the children’s understanding through achieving a balance of instruction and dialogue discussions. Therefore, children are encouraged to revisit, revise and explain their mathematical understanding. This is achieved by children working in mixed ability groups, working co-operatively and communicating their understanding verbally, written or in pictorial form.


Teaching staff and children are encouraged to use manipulatives or representations to ensure mathematical concepts are embedded or misconceptions are rectified. This enables key teaching points to be explored deeply with children encouraged to think and make connections.

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