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Our School Day

A normal school day runs as follows: 


8am: Before School ‘Activities Club’ opens for allocated pupils.

8.30am: Gate Opens. All Pupils make their way to classrooms.

8.45am: Gate Closes. Registration Begins. Children must be in class for registration.​

If you arrive after the gate is closed you must wait at the gate until a member of staff reopens the gate at 8.55am for late arrivals. 


If you arrive after 8.55am, access via this gate is no longer available -  a sign will direct parents and pupils to the main reception gate. 


All pupils who attend Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 must have a parent/responsible adult escorting them to school and the child should NEVER be left at the gate alone if late.

EYFS/KS1 pupils must be escorted into school by a responsible adult. The adult must ensure the child/ren are safely in the care of their teacher by taking them directly to their assigned classroom. 


EYFS/KS1 pupils must also be collected by a responsible adult. Parents should ensure that school has up to date information on approved adults. In the case of an emergency, where you have requested another adult (not on your approved list) to collect your child, you must inform school before the end of the school day. You can do this by making the office staff aware either verbally or via a written note, phone call, email or text message. Failure to do this will result in school being unable to allow your child to leave until we have made contact with you to confirm the change in adult.

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