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Teacher: Miss Taylor



Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bates


Welcome to Nursery

Phonics/Reading Opportunities

In Nursery we love to share books and sing rhymes every day throughout the day! We will have class texts that link to our topic but also share a variety of stories that we love. Children are encouraged to read and enjoy books in different places around the classroom as well as in our reading area. We teach phonics and communication and language in family groups daily.

Activities: Sharing books linked to our topic, daily songs and nursery rhymes, listening to sounds in our environment, talk about rhyming words and phrases, identify initial sounds of their name and spot other words that have the same first sound, oral blending of CVC words.


Writing Opportunities

There will be lots of opportunities to mark make across the environment in Nursery including inside and outside. There will be opportunities for writing lying down on their tummies, writing in an upright position and even lying on their backs to help build strength for writing later on. Children who are ready to sit and mark make at a table will have this opportunity also.

Activities: Mark making in various medium, enjoy drawing freely, give meaning to the marks they make, make marks on their picture to stand for their name, say what the marks and shapes they make mean, begin to write the letters of their name


Creative Opportunities

Children have the chance to create and express themselves using a wide range of media. Opportunities can be linked to the topic and text but also children will have opportunities to paint and draw freely. Children will have opportunities to access our small world and role play areas every day in which they can act out and use their imaginations. We have weekly music lessons and also have access to musical instruments in our environment.

Activities: use and explore a range of materials to create, take part in role play individually or in a small group,  use small world to make up their own stories, use blocks and construction kits, explore musical instruments.


Maths opportunities

In Nursery there are many rich opportunities for children to access maths through the environment. Children will be exposed to number, shape and measure through their environment and from mathematical vocabulary used by staff. Maths is taught in family groups each day.

Activities: say and recite numbers past 5, count items saying one number for each item, recognise numerals to 5, talk about and explore 2D shapes, begin to describe shapes, understand, and make patters, show finger numbers up to 5, use positional language, to be able to subitise, compare quantities, make comparisons between size, length, weight and capacity.


Understanding of the World Opportunities

Children will learn about the world around them from hands on experiences in the classroom environment and outside the classroom on local trips and walks. Children will also gain a greater understanding through books and stories.

Activities: Take care of our environment, inside and outside of the classroom, use five senses to explore a variety of natural and man made materials, talk about their own families including recent, past and present things, use new vocabulary they learn, understand how to look after seeds and plants, learn about how plants grow and change, explore vocabulary based on forces such as push and pull,

Parent Corner

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Before/After School Clubs
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