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Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Yeardsley



Teaching Assistant: Mr Underwood


Welcome to Year 2

Phonics/Reading Opportunities

In the Autumn Term, the children will be reading a range of Paddington stories and using these as a structure for creative writing. In the Spring term, the children will read traditional stories from Australia. In the summer term, the children will look at both contemporary fiction and traditional tales based around the topic Turrets and Tiaras. The children will also look at a range of different types of books in guided reading and will be heard read individually and within a small group. Children will have a new book each week that will be changed on a Monday. The children will need to read that book at home to support their decoding skills. The children will revisit this book within their guided reading sessions to reinforce their understanding.  Within the guided reading sessions, the children will practise decoding unfamiliar words and a range of comprehension skills. Children will also follow the Spelling shed scheme to help them read and spell a range of spelling patterns that include different suffixes or alternative spelling patterns for the ‘j’ sound.


Writing Opportunities

In Year 2, there will be plenty of opportunities for children to develop their writing skills. Children will start school with a writing task and will be asked to practise their handwriting. They will also practise their handwriting skills using the Penpals scheme during weekly lessons. Children will also have weekly spelling sessions whereby they will follow the Spelling Shed scheme.  Children will study a book and use these as a basis for creative writing. In the autumn term, the children will be studying the much loved stories of Paddington and use these to create imaginative writing opportunities. After reading the stories of Paddington, the children will write a letter to Peru and write instructions for making a marmalade sandwich. Throughout the year, children will be immersed in a variety of texts and use these as a basis for imaginative writing.


Creative Opportunities

In Year 2, children will be taught how to use different materials creatively and apply these skills in creating paintings, drawings and digital art. Children will often immerse themselves in a range of characters from familiar stories by communicating their ideas using their artistic skills. The children will be using collage techniques and colour washes to show their observations of The Great Fire of London, manipulating the paintbrush to create Aboriginal Art and create 3D sculptures of castles. It is important to note that individualism and creativity will be valued higher than technical outcomes so children’s confidence grows in their ability to express their ideas.


STEM Opportunities

For mathematics, Year 2 will be following the mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. Children through collaborative work will be encouraged to investigate and interrogate mathematical concepts. The children will use both manipulatives and representatives to help develop their analytical and mathematical skills. The teaching of mathematics is organised by the teachers following the White Rose scheme. There are also opportunities for the children to support their understanding at home by accessing the parents section on the White Rose scheme.

Children will explore technology through weekly computing lessons whereby they will gain a grounding in basic computing skills. They will also explore Information technology around us, digital photography, Robot algorithms and creating music. In Design Technology, the children will take part in termly D.T projects and create a class exhibition at the end of term. In Year 2, the children will investigate sliders and levers by making their own book, investigate joining techniques by creating a puppet and learn how to prepare food by creating a salad. For Science, will explore and investigate different scientific concepts. They will learn key facts, new vocabulary and how to create an experiment. The children will explore materials and their properties, investigate habitats and identify food chains and learn about what makes a healthy body.



Parent Corner

Children are expected to wear grey or black trousers or a skirt, a white T-shirt and purple school jumper. Children are encouraged to black shoes. Year 2 children have P.E on a Thursday and they will need to arrive in school in their P.E kit. For P.E, the children will need to wear a white T-shirt and leggings or bottoms.  Homework is set on a Friday and the children will need to hand their homework in on a Tuesday. In Year 2, we are focusing on establishing the routine of homework. However, it is essential that you hear regularly and record what you have read in their reading diaries. The children will be provided with a reading bag, reading book and reading diary. Each child will be expected to bring their reading bag every day. The children will have a new reading book every week and will be expected practise reading daily. There is a range of before and after clubs catering for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. A letter will be sent home at the beginning of each term outlining the different clubs and children will need to apply to join an age appropriate club. Parents can communicate with the school by emailing the teacher, emailing enquiry on the school website or speaking to the teacher directly at the end of the day. Teachers will share all the important information via Marvellous Me and therefore it is essential you sign up for this APP. School begins at 8.30 and finishes at 3.15. It is essential that children arrive on time so they can settle for the day and picked up promptly. Attendance is vitally important as often lessons are taught in sequence and missing out on learning activities, can make the children anxious.

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