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History at Welsh House Farm Community School provides children with enjoyable, enriched learning experiences that reflect the needs and identity of the school community.


Each child will have a memorable experience such as visiting a Roman Fort or reacting the Great Fire of London to not only develop their memory of historical facts and encourage our children to become young historians. This will result in children having an in depth understanding of significant events and people from Great Britain’s past, Ancient Civilisations and the wider world.


Through exploring significant people, events and civilisations from the past, children will have a greater understanding of their own identity and the chronological context they live in. As a school rooted in its locality and see as an oasis within our community, the purpose of the history curriculum is to allow children to see the effects on their locality of an ever-changing world.


Children will learn through enquiry-based learning and will develop their communication and analytical skills that enable them to be successful lifelong learners. Children will further deepen their understanding of history by developing their disciplinary knowledge and be able to recall historical information with a greater understanding of historical concepts such as; Empire, power, and migration.


The school’s accumulative curriculum will enable children to revisit historical concepts that are relevant which will enable them to understand who they are and why they are here.

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