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We had such a wonderful day in school today! I was so happy to arrive and get to work!

Some Year 5 children have been working hard on their homework and, as a result, have been rewarded by spending time with me. Well done children! You were great today and showed real potential as future dog trainers!

I was so pleased to see the Y2 children – you are always so well-behaved when I come into your classroom. Thank you for always staying calm and using your Ted-breathing – it really helps me to feel relaxed. I enjoyed hearing all about the exciting learning that you have been doing in class – learning all about different countries and maps in Geography, learning how to tell the time in Maths and I was particularly interested in your History work on castles. It sounded as though you had the best time at Warwick Castle – you were even able to explain why there was a moat around the castle! Well done! Maybe next time I could come with you!

I had a lovely time in the Reception classroom today too! You all listened so well and I loved working on my tricks with you! You remembered to use gentle hands when you stroked me – thank you!

After working so hard with you all, I nipped into the Nursery classroom to visit the new chicks! Wow! They smelled familiar! They were very cute and fluffy, and I made sure that I was very quiet and gentle around them.

I hope you all have a lovely half-term break and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.





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