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Well I hope you all had a lovely half-term break! It was great catching up with so many of you today to learn how you spent your holidays. Some of you told me that you had been swimming, others had been out riding their bikes, lots of you celebrated family birthdays and someone told me they had been to Leon in France! Whatever you got up to, it was lovely to have the chance to hear all about it.

I had a busy half-term going on many walks and spending time with my brother, Ralph. We also went to stay with Mrs Evans and met her lovely dog, Duchess! I love holidays, but I was happy to return to school today.

I had a lovely time getting to know Y5 a little better today. Thank you Y5 for making me feel so welcome – your classroom was lovely and tidy and you listened well to the instructions given. Keep practicing your Ted breathing!

We introduced my new puppet friend to our sessions today and one of the children even named him ... ‘Monster’! He was very well-behaved and you can see him in one of the photos below.

I was so excited to meet with the children who had completed their reward charts for completing their homework, working hard in class and listening well. We had great fun together working on tricks – thank you Wendy for lending us your lovely room to work in and thank you for spoiling me and my mum today!

Keep working hard children and have a great week!

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